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What is is striking to be the premier site for networkers, marketers, and socializing beyond the net. is the #1 site for reviews of business networking events and functions. We strive to bring you content and relevant news of community functions from around the Corpus Christi area. Let guide you to the event closest to you or into your company’s expanding market of the near future. Calendars, blogs, reviews, advertisement and more! Tell your customers, friends and networks to join our subscription list to get the latest news in the Coastal Bend business community. We announce mixers ribbon cuttings, clubs, speakers, and referral network gatherings. The communities we serve are Kingsville, Corpus Christi, Rockport, Alice, Port Aransas, Ingleside, Portland, Taft, Gregory, and everything in between. We bring you the knowledge of business marketing opportunists in the Coastal Bend. – more than a site, a networking business tool!

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You! Anyone and everyone who wants to expand and market their business or generate sales opportunities! Agents, Realtors, outside sales, contractors,...We provide the most comprehensive list of potential networking events in South Texas. Check back often to plan your week or month by quickly assessing upcoming events and deciding which opportunities best serve your interest, needs, and schedule.

Business Networking In Corpus Christi And The Coastal Bend

So often it is misconstrued or not properly understood that networking is just for the “work from home” businesses. It is more than that unique group. Although there are a great number of companies out there operating under the MLM model, we see networking as a great way we all should be using. It is maybe better to utilize terms like professional referring or business card introducing. Because if I tell you about a great movie or restaurant, although I may not get directly paid for it. I may ask that you mention it to the waitress how you were introduced to their great food, I may eventually get a meal for free. Now we are talking about beyond that platform. We are about the development of relationships when we go out to network. Although you will find the other folks afore mentioned, at some of the events we promote. We are blended enough to include all the professions. Networking can occur at church, store, car dealerships, doctor’s offices, gas stations, and the bars. At all times we believe it should be a proper balance of professional and social. Asking questions that are relevant to the discussion and probing in a non-obtrusive manner. For more tips and pointers be sure to subscribe to our updates as our articles will definitely be educational and if you ever come across a tip, quote, or helpful comment, drop us a line @ We would love to hear from you and it strengthens our professional networking skills.

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Area referral networking clubs, mixers, functions, and meetings provide a platform to expand your business reach. We watch the following organizations and venues closely:

If you know of another organization or venue we should be following, please send us an email with their information!

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Our communities of service extends the entire Coastal Bend area. The municipalities we included are, Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Port Aransas, Rockport, Portland, Gregory, Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Taft, Alice, and Robstown. If your event is located within any of these cities, we would be glad to list it on our website. Simply send us an email with the required information and it will be posted within a couple of days. We take pride in servicing the South Texas business community.


Becoming a sponsor is easy! We offer a strong market to help your business reach potential new clients. Anyone interested in business to business advertising, or targeting business professionals, owners, agents, outside sales representatives, Realtors, brokers, marketing directors, or administrators should inquire about a sponsorship slot on The quality does not stop there, utilizes social media platforms like Facebook and linked in, advertises at mixers and events, and on air. Our audience is made up of professionals, counterpanes, owners, and other movers and shakers in the Coastal Bend community.